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Leadership Team

Chantelle Williamson retreat leader intention retreats integrity massage

Chantelle Williamson is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and Certified Reflexologist. She got started in energy work in 2005 and has her own business, Integrity Massage in Rapid City. Chantelle is passionate about helping others to live authentically and with joy.  She also enjoys camping with her husband, hiking with her 2 dogs, drinking wine and cooking.

Angelena Plummer positive life coach

Angelena Plummer, LPC is the owner of A Positive Life Coach.  She was born in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She loves nature and is passionate about her work and the success of her clients.  She received a Bachelors degree in psychology from BHSU in 2008 & a Masters degree in counseling from SDSU in 2013.  She is dedicated to her professional growth and has specialized training in areas of life coaching, positive psychology, anger management, neurolinguistic programming and other brief therapies. Angelena believes in people and holds an intentionally neutral space for healing, growth, and exploration. During the 2016 SoulPlay Retreat, Angelena will be leading a Dream Interpretation Workshop.

Cathy Thrash Dharma Energy Spirit medium reiki
Brianna Hall Creative Static Painted Prayers workshop

Cathy Thrash is an intuitive medium and reiki practitioner.  Her business is called Dharma Energy & Spirit.  She has a degree in psychology / sociology from Black Hills State University (2004) and has worked with a variety of clients. She has trained with psychic medium John Holland, spirit channeler Paul Selig, and shaman Rayman Grace among other local healers. Numerous workshops have been attended across the country to fuel her passion for working with Spirit. Cathy practices in local development circles and is involved with Intention Retreats of Rapid City. She believes that all are worthy of God's love and healing. She knows she has been a recipient of it, and wants to help facilitate it for others. One of her greatest joys is seeing the peace that arises after a session with Spirit. Cathy lives and practices in the Black Hills. She is married with two children, and two happy Boston Terriers. She loves being outdoors, hiking or riding in the Black Hills, gardening and reading. Most of all, she enjoys chatting about Spirit and other energy-related topics.  At the retreat, Cathy will facilitate
Tea & Spirit: Conversation about Spiritual Awakenings, Mediumship, and Psychic Phenomenon.

Brianna Hall - owner of Creative Static Studios.  "As a creative guru and authenticity expert, I fling myself whole-heartedly into the world of discovering the love stories that drive our existence. I specialize in working with small business and solo-preneurs to create and refine branding strategies. I won’t rest until everyone I meet has found their Why and knows how to live on Purpose everyday. I've devoted most of my life to refining my story-telling, through photography, film making, art, writing and design. When I'm not stirring my little revolution, I recharge with my own creative projects or by escaping in nature. I'm also mama to two little girls, and love encouraging them to live out loud."  Brianna will be leading Painted Prayers workshops at the Retreat.

Sarah Emond Essence Healing reiki intuitive

Sarah Emond has been exploring energy work since 2004. She is a Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Certified Psychotronic Instrumentation Practitioner, Intuitive Facilitator, and Energy Practitioner. In 2013, Sarah opened her own business providing intuitive reads and energy sessions, Essence Healing. She is also the mother of four and continues to help her husband in their real estate business. In her spare time (what’s that?) she enjoys reading, walking, boating, and hanging out with family and friends.  Sarah will teach Energy Healing and Maintenance at the 2016 SoulPlay Retreat.

Tristan Emond Mindful Living Realty

Tristan Emond has been a full time REALTOR(r) since 2006.  He and Sarah own Mindful Living Realty.  The husband of Sarah and brother of Chantelle, nothing surprises him anymore. Being around these and other energy workers gave him a different perspective in the business world....and he has structured his career around mindfulness techniques, attraction principles, and energy related aspects to help him enjoy life while having a successful business. He wants to share how to create business on your own terms, in a way that feels right to you. He loves tech gadgets, hanging with his 4 kids and the MN Vikings.  Tristan will be sharing an Intuitive Business workshop at the Retreat.

Jason Bridget Hermanson yoga Soul art reiki

Jason and Bridget Hermanson

Jason’s spiritual journey began as a child.  He always knew there was a special connection to Spirit, but didn’t realize what that actually meant until 2011 when he had a very personal spiritual awakening. Since then, Jason has been discovering, growing and learning as an energy facilitator.  His passion for helping others has led him to paths that include mediumship, channeling, soul gazing, meditation, and helping lost souls. Jason is also a Reiki practitioner who works with a variety of modalities of the natural elements including rock and crystal healing.  In his spare time Jason enjoys connecting with nature, spending time with family and getting creative with his healing tools.  Jason will be teaching Soul Art at the Retreat.


Bridget became a yoga teacher in 2014.  Yoga helps her focus on her mind, body and spirit. She is passionate about helping people tune into their present moment awareness. Bridget and Jason have twin boys and two dogs.  Bridget will be leading Yoga at the Retreat. 














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