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Retreat Schedule

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Schedule Subject to change.  This is your retreat.  Feel free to do nothing but soak up the sun with a good novel, if that's what you want to do.  Whether you take part in any activity it totally up to you!

Painted Prayers - Painted Prayers workshops offer an immersion into creative freedom and soulful experience! We’ll explore some basic art and painting techniques, using creativity to connect with our spirituality on a deeper level and watching a piece of our soul emerge on the canvas.

Yoga - Appropriate for all levels.  Mindful movement. These beginner poses and stretches will help you too align with your true inner self.

Qi Gong - Gentle stretching.  Integrating physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention for "Life Energy Cultivation".

Soul Art - Give your soul an opportunity to express itself through art & mindfulness.  Includes guided meditation.  No special skills needed - we'll be using crayons and markers.

Low Ropes Course - Experience team-building and co-operation in this challenging obstacle course.  Open to all fitness levels.


Dream Interpretation - Share in the experience of making meaning out of your dreams as you learn to apply interpretations to your everyday lives! Learn to interpret the metaphors available to all of us through our dreams as you make connections and draw conclusions, improve your self awareness, and become a guide in your own life.

Intuitive Business - Whether you function in the corporate world or you are an entrepreneur, this class will help you gain insights to allowing your authentic Self throughout your workday. Use your intuition to build your business or just enjoy your work day.


Open Create - Let your inner artist free.  Play with markers, paints, etc.  We'll have a variety of mediums available for you to create a unique piece of art that you can take home.

Tea & Spirit: Conversation about Spiritual Awakenings, Mediumship, and Psychic Phenomenon  - Join Cathy in a low-key discussion of psychic phenomenon, mediums, and spiritual awakenings.  Bring your questions and stories.  You'll discover that you're not alone in your experiences!

Create Your Own Story - Learn to manage and balance your subtle body in the shifting energies of the future.

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