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*This class qualifies for 8 CEs in

massage license renewals. 

NCBTMB Approved Provider #748

Table Thai Massage


Thai massage is traditionally performed on a mat on the floor.  The client is fully clothed, and the therapist uses compression and stretching movements to move the client into assisted yoga postures.  We will be modifying it to perform on the massage table.

What moves are easy on the therapist?

What moves are effective and feel good for the client?

This is what we will explore in this class.  Learn a full-body beginner Thai routine on the massage table.

Thai massage is performed on a fully clothed client, using compression, stretching, pin-and-stretch, movement, and rocking.

Sidelying Table Thai -
Accessing the Hips and Shoulders


This is also a beginner class - no prerequisites.  You will learn a full 60 minute routine.  You do not need to take the "Table Thai" class first.  I particularly like this class for easy upper body work!


Come to class ready to learn and practice!  We will have a lot of hands-on practice time so that you can practice each movement and create muscle memory.  You'll also have the opportunity to receive each technique, so that you know how it feels for the client. This class is largely demonstration and hands-on practice. 

You will receive a handout to take home so that you can remember all your favorite moves.  You will also receive a link to a YouTube video of all the moves.


We will be working on each other fully clothed, so wear comfortable, stretchy clothing.

Class Supplies to bring:

Massage table

Fitted bottom sheet

Face cradle cover

Sidelying - 2 large pillows and pillowcases

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

You can cancel your attendance and request a full refund up to 2 weeks before class.  After that time, there are no refunds.  Feel free to send someone in your place. You cannot transfer your class fee to another class.

Integrity Education reserves the right to cancel the class up to 2 weeks prior to the class if there are less than 6 people signed up.

Bad weather Policy: 

If the class is cancelled or rescheduled because of bad weather/roads, you will receive a full refund.  If we hold the class, but you cannot make it because of weather/roads, you will receive a refund less a $35 administration fee.

I hate massage. Wow - what a way to start a testimonial. I do love giving massages but receiving is an entirely different matter. At least that was true until I took the Table Thai class. I learned a ton despite the napping. I was in such an amazing place as a result of what I learned that I was like a cream puff wafting through the rippling air streams in the class. Okay - so - maybe I wasn't exactly like that but it sure felt like it. Can't wait for the sideline Table Thai class that is coming. One thing I know without question is that I no longer hate massage the way that I thought I did. Thanks Chantelle.

    Guy Siverson

I been to three of Chantelle’s massage classes! I always learn something new every time. She helps me save myself from injuring myself by showing me safe effect moves with little effort. I can’t wait to take the bamboo class! Chantelle has great energy, always so inviting, has a special gift of making everyone feel comfortable, and is a great listener! Thank you Chantelle for allowing me to be a part of your journey to help others!

Elizabeth Kaulay-Farmer LMT

As a veteran Massage Therapist with many education classes behind me, I highly recommend any of Chantelle's classes. She is a knowledgeable. professional instructor. She is willing to share what she knows to any willing to learn.

Patricia Weller  

Excellent class! The instructor explained clearly and did an excellent job of demonstrating techniques. We had plenty of hands on work, and she came around to give guidance as we worked. Best class I have attended in a very long time!

Karyn Steffen 

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