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Learning with Chantelle is like an enjoyable, sunny, lazy-river-ride.  All you have to do is decide you're getting on (show up), and she provides the current and the flow.  She is super easy to be with, creating a safe, comfortable environment for both learning and expression, and the material she offers is easily applicable in your life and/or practice.  I recommend Chantelle and look forward to her upcoming courses!


Angelena M Plummer, CPC LPC
A Positive Life

As a veteran Massage Therapist with many education classes behind me, I highly recommend any of Chantelle's classes. She is a knowledgeable. professional instructor. She is willing to share what she knows to any willing to learn.

Patricia Weller 

Excellent class! The instructor explained clearly and did an excellent job of demonstrating techniques. We had plenty of hands on work, and she came around to give guidance as we worked. Best class I have attended in a very long time!

Karyn Steffen 

Awesome class! Loved all the new techniques I learned.

Melissa Metzger

Class was amazing!! Chantelle’s teaching was very easy to follow very engaging and she answered all questions. The class runs very smooth, on time, and efficient!! So glad I took the class I learned so much!!

Sylinda Riley

Great class and teacher! Very happy to have participated and will look forward to taking future classes with her!

    Liz Loverso

Chantelle presents a very concise and informative class while maintaining a light-hearted atmosphere. Students are able to give and receive a lot of the new massage information throughout a fast moving day. I took home a number of "moves" I can incorporate into my massage routine.

    Ellen Yusten

Had a great class with Chantelle. Good techniques in a relaxed environment. With plenty of time to practice and feel the work and discuss.

    Mary Shoulders

Chantelle teaches with such a gentle manner that makes everyone feel confident. She exuberates love. Her classes are well-organized and the day flies by so quickly. She is excellent with the many personalities that are in a class - well grounded instructor. Thank you Chantelle for your commitment to humanity.


I been to three of Chantelle’s massage classes! I always learn something new every time. She helps me save myself from injuring myself by showing me safe effect moves with little effort. I can’t wait to take the bamboo class! Chantelle has great energy, always so inviting, has a special gift of making everyone feel comfortable, and is a great listener! Thank you Chantelle for allowing me to be a part of your journey to help others!

Elizabeth Kaulay-Farmer LMT

I loved what I learned in your class. I loved the professional yet relaxed educational setting. I felt ready to use the new wonderful techniques I learned right away. I would highly recommend taking a class from Chantelle!

Joanna Bott  

Chantelle is a great teacher ! She explains things thoroughly. Enjoyed the time on the table! Fun class :)

Beth Ruane

Chantelle is a great instructor specializing in numerous modalities. I appreciate the time taken to make sure we were comfortable with the material being taught. Her approachable and friendly personality is another reason she checks all the boxes. I can’t wait to learn more from her.

    Jessica Vogel

Enjoyed this class ; teacher is a lot of fun ; would recommend to others.

  Denise George

I took both the hot stone and hot bamboo classes. Chantelle is awesome. She is very down to earth in her teachings and very practical. I can use both of these in my practice to help save especially my thumbs! Would recommend these courses.

    Judy Hayes

Loved Chantelle's class:) I've been massaging for 17 years and blend a variety of modalities. Picked up some new moves that I really like and appreciate that they are low impact on me as well as very relaxing for the person on the receiving end. It was a fun class, very affordable, right in town, just what I needed. Thank you for providing this class, Chantelle! 

Monica, LMT

Chantelle is a gifted and wisdom-loaded teacher. I took Reiki I and an Intention workshop with her and was pleasantly surprised with her easygoing nature and fluid classes. She has a way about her that makes you feel at ease and, at the same time, burning for her knowledge. I left each class filled with enthusiasm to put my new skills to work in my massage sessions!
Krisanna Thomas



Dear Chantelle
    Just a note here to let you know that I REAALLLLY enjoyed your class Sunday!  This was a worthwhile, good time
and I learned a lot!  
    You made me feel right at home, the classroom setting was just perfect, and your teaching skills are excellent.  You organized the class in a good way.  I hope I can remember everything.  Thanks so much for the outline you sent us home with to help jog the memory to that end (which saved me having to worry about taking notes so that I could really focus on the class).  I plan to incorporate these newly learned skills into my practice right away.
    Blessings and thanks I send to you for your fine work in sharing your knowledge and experience with us, as well as providing us with meaningful, useful material and valuable hands on experience while obtaining the board required CE units.
    This was time and money well spent.  I look forward to the opportunity to attend and enjoy your future class offerings.
Bunny Sings Wolf, L.M.T.

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